Session Information

Individual tutoring sessions include options ranging from one-time help and clarification lessons about a specific topic to ongoing, long-term support in a general area, including study skills and executive functions.

Sessions provided online through digital conferencing, or in person for those in the Austin, Texas area.

  • Single-session with a specific focus (e.g. support with topic choice and development of an essay, understanding and getting started on a large assignment, or review of a final draft before submission)
  • Multiple-sessions (short-term) with a specific focus (e.g. support with a large project or assignment from start to finish, getting organized with study sessions before a big test)
  • Multiple-sessions (long-term) with a specific subject focus (e.g. literacy, writing, mathematics)
  • Organization Coaching (e.g. support for students of all ages with organizing their personal and academic lives in order to achieve academic success, focusing on Executive Functions strategies including time management, prioritizing, study skills, etc.)