Documents must be shared in DOC or DOCX format and must be English language only. A Statement of Academic Honesty is required.


  • Basic: For students with an already complete essay looking for professional critique, I will review your essay with a proofreader's eye, focusing especially on spelling, grammar, and standard writing conventions. Additionally, I will provide commentary related to your topic choice, idea development and flow, and the overall structure and organization of your essay in a comprehensive feedback document. 
    • $75--Standard Editing Time, completed within 48 hours of receipt of payment
    • $100--Rush Editing, completed within 24 hours of receipt of payment
  • Premium: For students with an idea of how they want to approach their essay, or those with a first draft looking for some preliminary feedback, I will provide one initial face-to-face consultation (30-60 minutes) to support your writing development, where you're at. Whether that's discussing your essay ideas and making a plan for tackling the drafting process, or reviewing an already drafted essay to get some specific critique about what's working and what's not, I will tailor this service to your needs. In addition, you will receive all of the support provided in the Basic package once your final draft is complete.
    • $150--Standard 2-4 Week Timeline
    • $200--Rush 5-7 Day Timeline
  • Deluxe: For students looking for the most comprehensive support through the essay-writing process, I will provide an initial face-to-face consultation (30-60 minutes) to discuss essay requirements, brainstorm ideas, and set a timeline for completion of the drafting and finalizing process from start to finish. I will review the initial draft of the essay and provide written commentary based on the elements discussed in the initial consultation, as well as standard analysis of topic choice, idea development, flow, and overall structure and organization of the essay, accompanied by a follow-up face-to-face consultation (30-60 minutes) to share my feedback and recommendations, answer questions, and create a plan for completing the final draft. Finally, I will review the essay one final time to focus, line by line, on all elements of spelling, grammar, language usage, and standard conventions to provide the most polished version of your essay possible.
    • $250--Standard 2-4 Week Timeline
    • $400--Rush 5-7 Day Timeline